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Sharing iDE&S

information – Direct,Explicit & Systematic

Notes, Checklists, References, Psycho-educational Strategies in Special Education, Gifted Education, Reading, Spelling, Written
Expression, Mathematics, Studying and Behaviour and Parenting Education

I am very happy to share the material I have used in my teaching, lecturing, research and private practice over several decades.

This material has been organised in 16 Sections and contains three types of information –

Basic Definitions, Conceptual
Frameworks, Notes and References

This material will provide practitioners with clear and concise
definitions, conceptual frameworks, notes and references that will assist in forming the rationale for the selection of educational and instructional approaches and other intervention strategies.


These informal checklists, which are basically diagnostic in nature, should enable practitioners to identify significant developmental, psychological and educational needs in individuals and assist in the selection of appropriate educational and instructional strategies and psychological interventions.

Psychological and Educational Strategies and Interventions

These strategies and interventions, both psychological and educational, are a central component of my psycho-educational reports and have been found to be helpful in supplementing the approaches and methods used by teachers and psychologists with individuals with special needs. Relevant resources including texts and computer software are highlighted and important references provided.

This is an active website and is subject to regular updates. The information contained on this website has been gathered over the author’s professional experience of several decades of direct involvement with children and adolescents with special needs.


This online resource has been prepared by -Dr. Stewart C. Sykes – Psychologist. MAPS. Former Associate Professor of Psychology and Special Education and Director of the Krongold Centre for Exceptional Children. Monash University, Australia.